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Plumber Guild – Facts You Should Know

The name of plumber Gawler originates from the book of Moses wherein it describes how a plumber who was very devoted to his job would travel to the River to clean the dirty pots in the house of the Lord. It’s said that he also never got sick of cleaning the pots, and it was as if he could make the water flow from the pot to the River. Many people who have visited the area where the Lord made his home would testify to this fact. Plumbers like Gawler are sought after to clean the drainage systems, especially the sewage system.


A plumber like Gawler always puts safety first, which is why he was working late at night on a Friday when the rest of the staff were asleep. He would be alone and isolated, but as a trained plumber, he knew that if he faced danger at any point while making repairs to drains and plumbing pipes, he had to be able to react instinctively to save the day. It became an invaluable skill that has kept him alive for decades now. He had already worked for the Royal Engineers, where he was in charge of the plumbing department. In the war, he was responsible for the drainage system in the Brisbane area.


He was awarded the bravery medal for his actions in the trench. During World War One, many plumbers in Adelaide were made redundant, and there was a shortage of men for the construction industry. As a result, many plumbers left Adelaide for other countries where they offered their services. However, since many were family men, many stayed in Adelaide and formed their businesses or worked as employees for the larger plumbing companies.


Plumber Gawler was born in South Australia in 1852. Aged only eleven years, he began working in a timber mill to purchase the necessary tools for repairing the rail line. Unfortunately, the railway was damaged during a storm and destroyed completely. Although this might have been a disaster to the plans of the wealthy, Gawler persevered and completed repairs and improvements on the damaged infrastructure without delay.


He eventually became the regional manager for pipes and water supply for the entire district. He also maintained the city’s drainage system, which included digging ditches for the water to flow through. He was also responsible for installing the city’s new sewer lines. During the construction of the new sewer line, many plumbers were employed to help with the erection of the pipes. They completed the installation of the pipes and the lay of the land so that the sewer could be properly connected to its proper place.


When World War II arrived, the war harmed many South Australian towns, most notably Port Adelaide. The effects of the war also included the lack of qualified plumbers, who decided to leave the industry for employment elsewhere. Plumbing jobs dried up as a result of people having to travel further to find employment. As a result, many people who once filled the plumbing positions found themselves unemployed and began searching for newer and better career prospects. Plumber Gawler saw the opportunity and entered the plumbing profession in the early 1940s, starting as an apprentice plumber with John Templeton on duty at the Woolworths factory.


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