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How to Choose The Best Gutter Guard For Your Home

Your home needs a gutter guard. But with the number of options available, choosing one can be daunting. Follow this guide if you want to choose the best gutter guard for your home.


Do you need a gutter guard for your home? A gutter is an essential system in constructing a house, and it transports water from the roof to where it’s needed and prevents rainwater from getting into your home. Without a gutter guard, you will have to continually fix problems with leaks around your gutters and on the walls that surround them. For more information, visit A1GutterGuards now.


But if you install a gutter guard on top of your existing one, this won’t be as much of an issue! In this article, we’ll help guide you through choosing the best type of gutter guard for your needs so that those pesky leaky issues come to an end once and for all.


4 Types of Gutter Guards

While there is a wide range of selections for gutter guards, they all fall under three types:


Solid Gutter Covers

This gutter guard Adelaide uses solid covers to deflect roof debris and other material from the gutter system. They require minimal maintenance, and however, they don’t provide maximum protection against clogs or blockages.


Screen Gutter Guards

This type of gutter guard uses a mesh-like material to deflect roof debris and allow water through. However, this type of gutter guard requires more maintenance because the screens can become dirty and clogged over time due to contamination from particles in the air.


Foam Filled Gutter Guards

It is an ideal option for individuals who are looking for ultimate protection for their gutter systems. They are filled with foam, making them very sturdy and tough against even the heaviest amounts of roof debris. However, they also require regular maintenance to ensure that there aren’t any drainage issues due to clogging or blockages in the material itself.


Mesh Gutter Guards

One of the best materials to use to protect gutters from clogging is metal mesh. You can buy it pre-made if you wish, making installation very easy but might be costly depending on where you live. On top of this, when compared against other types such as copper and plastic, meshes offer greater durability so that they can last you a long time.


What Type Should You Choose?

Now that you know what types of gutter guards are available, it’s time to choose which one will work best for your needs. Of course, every type has its pros and cons, so here is a quick rundown on each:


Solid Gutter Covers

This option offers easy installation with no long-term maintenance required. On top of this, they’re very affordable compared to other options such as copper or plastic mesh screens. However, they don’t provide the same protection against clogging or blockages because there isn’t anything stopping leaves from getting into your gutters without having to be cleaned out first! If you live in an area where debris rarely accumulates, solid covers may be the right choice, but if not, make sure that you check back often for any blockages.


Screen Gutter Guards

If you want to make sure that leaves and debris don’t get into your gutter system, then mesh screens are the way to go. They’re made out of durable material, which means they’ll last for a long time with little-to-no maintenance required throughout their lifespan. Of course, the downside is that they can become dirty or clogged over time due to air particles, but online products help clean them without having to remove each one individually! And just like solid covers, if you live in an area where debris never accumulates, then this option may be right for you too!


Foam Filled Gutter Guards

It is our favourite choice when it comes down to picking a gutter guard Adelaide. They offer the best protection against clogging and blockages while also being affordable for most budgets! The downside is that it requires more maintenance than mesh screens, which means you’ll have to check up on your gutters every so often to ensure no drainage issues due to debris or other particles getting stuck inside.


Mesh Gutter Guards

If you want ultimate protection, then metal meshes are hands-down your best choice because they can last forever with little-to-no maintenance required throughout their lifespan! On top of this, these types of gutter guards will protect against debris and water damage if installed correctly. However, the installation might be tough depending on how high your roof is, and you may need someone else to help out.


Need more help with your decision? Talk to one of our A1GutterGuards customer service representatives now! Then, visit our website to book an appointment.


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