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Hot Water Systems For a Safe Tap Drinking Water

Plumbing is essential to have clean flowing water. The hot water systems in Adelaide also need good plumbing work to function well. Recently, there has been a push to remove lead from drinking water.


Tap drinking water is generally safe. However, lately, there is a fear that poisonous lead might leak through brass fittings. So it is safe to own hot water systems in Adelaide to get clean drinking water.


Professor Mark Taylor, an environmental scientist from Macquarie University, states that nearly all water is safe.


He added, “But there are occasions when certain waters from certain taps in certain locations contain a lead concentration over the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines.”


Two of the major lead sources in tap water are plumbing and tap water fittings. This finding was indicated in a 2016 study by Macquarie University. The research showed that more than half of tap water samples used contained lead.


While the study is conducted in NSW, the results apply to Australia. Lead can be harmful to everyone. All households must have safe drinking water.


Hot water systems in Adelaide can help in minimising the lead intake. Certain hot water systems in Adelaide can be attached to tap drinking water.


“It’s a contaminant we can deal with,” Professor Taylor said.


“It’s a contaminant that causes definitive harm and lasting harm. And it’s a contaminant that we know how to address. It’s a problem that can be solved.”


The advice here is to flush all tap water in the morning. You can do this for 30 seconds before you drink it. Professor Taylor says, “Just replace the tap in the kitchen. That’s the most important.”


The National Construction Code suggests removing high lead taps and replacing these with low lead ones. Low lead taps may be more expensive, but these are better ones for the health of homeowners.


Homeowners are not forced to replace water taps immediately. But when they do, plumbing must need to be safe and make sure there are no damages.



The homeowners can choose to change their plumbing and have a safe water system in the household.’ Adelaide’s hot water systems can give your household safe and clean water.

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