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Pay Attention When Choosing Schools Shoes And Protect Your Child’s Feet From Injuries

As a parent, ensuring that your kids are comfortable and safe is a must. This includes when they are at school. One of the ways you can do this is by ensuring that they have the correct type of shoes to wear. Choosing the wrong type of girls school shoes can lead to foot injuries that can be very painful and even costly.

According to Paediatric podiatrist Rudo Makuyana, parents need to check up on their children’s shoes every three to four months. “It is stated that shoes too small or too big can cause serious problems such as blisters, corn and calluses,” Makuyana says.

She adds that shoes that are not comfortable can also lead to foot, leg and back pains. “If a child complains of any pain in these areas, parents should take them to a podiatrist for an assessment.”

Here are some tips from Makuyana on how to choose the right type of shoes for your child:

– Go for shoes with a firm heel counter. This is the part at the back of the shoe that helps support the heel. A good heel counter will prevent the foot from rolling inwards (overpronation) or outwards (under pronation).

-Make sure the shoes are made of breathable material such as leather. This will help keep the feet cool and dry.

– Avoid shoes with a lot of decorations such as sequins and glitter. These can cause injuries if they come loose and the child steps on them.

– Choose shoes with laces or Velcro straps instead of a slip-on. Slip-on shoes are more likely to fall off, leading to trips and falls.

– Go for shoes with a good grip. This is especially important if your child is active and likes to run around. A good grip will prevent slips and falls.

– Make sure the shoes fit well. They should not be too tight or too loose. There should be enough room to wiggle the toes.

– Do not buy shoes that are too big in the hope that your child will grow into them. This can lead to injuries.

– Take your child with you when buying shoes. This will help you get the right fit.

– Get your child’s feet measured by a professional every six months to ensure they are still wearing the correct size.

Consider letting your child go barefoot for a while at home. This helps their feet’ muscles develop and strengthen their foot structure. In addition, this helps improve balance and coordination.

Make sure you pay attention when choosing your girls school shoes. The incorrect type of shoe can lead to injuries that can be painful and costly to treat. Consider taking your child with you when buying shoes and get their feet measured every six months by a professional.

The more you know about choosing the right girls school shoes for your child, the better you can protect their feet from injuries. Keeping them safe and comfortable is your top priority as a parent and choosing the right shoes is one way to do that.

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